Top 6 Fastest Compact Cars in GTA 5

5. Bollokan Prairie

Orange Bollokan Prairie Front View

Orange Bollokan Prairie Front View

The Bollokan Prairie is a very good performance in the compact class. The engine seems to be a twin-cam 4 Cylinder. The acceleration takes a bit of time to accelerate to its proper pace as it generates wheel spin, but can reach a relatively good top speed. Tests have found that the Bollokan Prairie generates unusual but staggering acceleration going downhill with very little chance of making the front lose control which gives the car a good advantage in a race.

When cornering, this compact car is quite responsive, but not great. It’s front wheel drive drivetrain ensures that the rear doesn’t break traction when cornering, and there is very minimal oversteer. The car is capable of sharp cornering, though a bit of speed may be lost when doing so. Overall, it is a great car in its class and a good beginner car.

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