Fastest Car in GTA 5

#3 Fastest Car in GTA 5: Progen T20

Orange Progen T20 GTA 5 and GTA Online
Progen T20 GTA 5

The Progen T20 has impressive acceleration and a very good top speed. The car’s engine appears to be a powerful, high revolution V8, similar to the real-life McLaren P1, however, the engine sound and immense power is most likely a V12, since the strokes are much closer together than a V8.

The T20 is technically the quickest car in the game and has great handling, but can suffer on winding races and sharp corners. The Zentorno holds its own in the speed department but feels loose and is liable to swing out on corners. Some will say the Truffade Adder is the best car for cornering with control. But when it comes to top speed, the Progen T20 does come out on top, followed by the Pegassi Osiris then the Pegassi Zentorno.