Fastest Car in GTA 5

#1 Fastest Car in GTA 5: Grotti X80 Proto

Grotti X80 Proto GTA Online Front View
Grotti X80 Proto GTA Online

The Grotti X80 Proto is arguably the best performing car in GTA V. The Grotti X80 Proto looks gorgeous and it commands a pretty commanding price tag as well: $2.7 million. Obviously, it’s not cheap but it looks like that there is no doubt in saying that the Grotti X80 Proto is definitely the fastest supercar in GTA 5, overtaking the Progen T20 which has held the crown for so long.

The car’s exposed bodywork and carbon fiber usage give it very little weight; comparable to the Benefactor Panto and Karin Futo. As well as this, traction is equally as good due to the all wheel drive layout. The vehicle’s powerful engine gives it the highest statistical top speed in the game, higher than that of the Truffade Adder by 1km/h. The car also has rapid acceleration, although several over supercars, such as the Progen T20 and  Pegassi Osiris are competitive in this field. In terms of handling, the car is equipped with separate rear flaps which individually lift up and down according to both acceleration and cornering, in a similar manner to the Progen T20.