Top 10 Cars in GTA 5

#8. Top 10 Cars in GTA 5: Truffade Z-Type

Top 10 Cars in GTA 5 - Truffade Z-Type

The Truffade Z-Type is one of the oldest cars in GTA 5, along with the Hotknife, Duneloader, Rat-Loader, Roosevelt and the old Tractor. It’s a clone of the exceedingly rare and breath-takingly expensive Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic, of which only 4 were constructed, and the related Aerolithe concept car, upon which the Altantic coupes were based.

The Aerolithe concept car had its body panels formed out of Elektron (a magnesium alloy) and Duralumin (an aluminum alloy) sheetmetal. Being combustible, both alloys are notoriously difficult, if not absolutely impossible, to weld. The Aerolithe’s body panels, therefore, were rivetted together along prominent exterior vertical flanges that ran front-to-back along the center line of the car, as well as along the fender crowns. One of the few unique modifications available for the Z-Type is listed as a ‘Skirt’, but what it really consists of is a short running board which fills in the gap between the front and rear pontoon fenders

The Truffade Z-Type has very characteristic handling, with a high top speed and excellent acceleration, but is very prone to tailspins and can be difficult to control. However, in the hands of an experienced driver, it can be a useful getaway car, especially in timed missions.