Top 10 Cars in GTA 5

#2. Top 10 Cars in GTA 5: Progen T20

Top 10 Cars in GTA 5 - Progen T20

The Progen T20 is a 2-door hypercar introduced in GTA 5 and GTA Online, as part of the Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 Update.

Overall, the T20’s main body design is almost identical to the McLaren P1, including the curvature of the hood, the greenhouse area and the rear guards of the car. The T20 is the only vehicle in GTA 5 made by Progen. The car features scissor doors and is the first vehicle in the series to have a functional mechanical spoiler, which automatically raises at approximately 40 mph and has different modes for driving, braking, and idling.

The T20’s $2,200,000 price tag makes it the most expensive land vehicle in GTA Online. It is also the most expensive vehicle to insure, costing $27,500.