Mystery, GTA 5 Epsilon Program

Yep, epsilon program back in GTA 5 and 100% proven, first Epsilon program appeared in GTA SA and have some evidence, namely: The house has a blue tinted windows and believed in it there are people who are doing the program epsilon ritual. An explorer carrying a blue bag and talked about her program epsilon can be found in Verdant Bluffs Some conversation about epsilon WCTR radio program.

GTA 5 epsilon
GTA 5 epsilon program

Even so epsilon program in GTA SA did not really what it is, because the evidence found is just a bug. Then if in GTA 5 100% proven why be like that? Because there is a mission where Michael was told to join the program epsilon Michael also invited Trevor and Franklin to join, but Trevor refuses to ridicule ” only fools who want to join the program epsilon ” Franklin also argues that as Michael implement the mission, when he visit the website epsilon program and answer some brief questions. After answering the question, Michael had to go to the desert and looking for a red pickup truck, after that, he must complete the following tasks:

  • Seeking the truth
  • Accepting the truth
  • Assumptions with truth
  • Given the truth
  • pursuing truth
  • Delivering the truth
  • exercising truth
  • ignorance of trut

After all the mission has been completed Michael will be contacted by a member of the group who will tell you that he needs to find all 10 tracts epsilons to write the tracts of 9th paradigms which according to him has written 10 tracts epsilon should be collected in a specific order and can not be found without the help of . At the end of every text message received from him Michael would see a small puzzle that provides information on the location of the next epsilon tract
As a reward to find all channels, Michael can read the tracts of epsilon 9th paradigms year 157 by visiting the epsilon program.

the mystery of epsilon program in GTA V is proven, but it would be nice if you play GTA V does not include Michael became a member of the epsilon program.