Benefactor Panto

The Benefactor Panto is a smart car featured in GTA 5 as a part of the I’m Not a Hipster Update. The Panto is resembles a Smart Fortwo, however it has different shaped headlights. The overall design is inspired by Gordon Murray T.25 and Gordon Murray T27. The Volkswagen Up! is the base for the rear fascia, the Mitsubishi i for the frontal fascia, and the Toyota iQ/Aston Martin Cygnet for the side profile.

The Benefactor Panto in GTA 5 is a small, light car with quick acceleration. It is powered by a 1-liter inline 4-cylinder engine (in contrast to the Smart Fortwo, which has either a 1 liter 3-cylinder or an all-electric engine) coupled to an automatic gearbox in an RR layout. Its acceleration is average, owing to its incredibly light weight, and its top speed is quite high, but caution should be taken when driving at high speeds because its short wheelbase makes it very unstable and prone to spinning out of control. This could make driving at high speeds quite problematic. The handling is rather poor despite its size, as the vehicle suffers from understeer, and its durability is unremarkable, as it can only take a few head-on crashes before its axle breaks and its engine stalls. The Benefactor Panto is very maneuverable when airborne able to do multiple spins with ease. Nevertheless, this is a great commuter car if you don’t want to risk paying the insurance premium on one of your super cars. The Panto has the best acceleration in its class. It only takes 5.1 seconds to reach 60 mph and has a top speed of 175 mph (283 km/h).

The Benefactor Panto belongs to the ‘Compacts‘ class of vehicles. Being so short and narrow makes it incredibly nimble when dicing through traffic. There are 20 different mod categories for the Panto, including a Roll Cage and a loaded ‘Roof Rack o’ Crap’. Some of the available spoilers increase Traction slightly. Like the Declasse Sabre Turbo, when the Panto is modified with a Roll Cage, it will have the fuel tank on the trunk, however, this is considerably dangerous, as the Panto has its engine below the trunk.

The Panto features ‘Stickerbomb’ mod enhancements. Besides the Declasse Asea, this car is the only other vehicle in GTA 5 to have the ‘Stickerbomb’ graphics available. In GTA 5 and GTA Online, The Benefactor Panto is the smallest car, surpassing the Weeny Issi.

Yellow Benefactor Panto Front View
Yellow Benefactor Panto Front View
Yellow Benefactor Panto Rear View
Yellow Benefactor Panto Rear View


GTA 5 Car: Benefactor Panto Detailed Info and Location

$85,000 (Online)


Top Speed:
283 km/h

Extra Mods:
Roll Cage, Spoiler, Wheels, Stickerbomb

Copy of Real Life vehicle:
Smart Fortwo Coupe 3-door Hatchback.

Panto Location in GTA 5:

  • Can be found in the player’s garage in single player.
  • Commonly spawns in traffic, including parking lots (enhanced version).
  • The Panto can be bought in GTA Online from for $85,000.