Lampadati Felon

The Lampadati Felon is a four-door coupe in GTA 5. The Lampadati Felon is inspired by the 5th generation Maserati Quattroporte as seen by its overall design, greenhouse area and side profile. Some of its details are inspired by the Jaguar XF, such as a XF-R front fascia, large thin vertical wheel vents, front and rear lights, and rear chrome. The Lampadati Felon‘s features also take cues from the second generation Saab 9-5 as seen on the front end. The car’s taillights have a resemblance to the Tesla Model S. in GTA 5, the Felon front fascia resembles that of an Truffade Adder, even though the Felon is manufactured by Lampadati instead of Truffade.

The rear of the Lampadati Felon draws on more Jaguar XFR design elements and features rear lamp units that are dominantly red, which partly have the horizontal chrome trim inset. The horizontal trim also forms the top edge for the impressed license plate area. Beneath these there is a rear bumper that protrudes from the main body in 2 levels, with the lower half having more elevation. The base of the bumper features a polymer covered area which spans the entire width and housing two twin tipped exhaust tips at either edge.

Lampadati Felon GTA 5 Front
Lampadati Felon GTA 5 Front
Lampadati Felon GTA 5 Rear
Lampadati Felon GTA 5 Rear


In GTA 5, the Lampadati Felon has a V10 engine. Its real-life counterpart, the 5th generation Maserati Quattroporte, however, never had a V10 engine in its engine choice (all Maserati Quattroporte that were built up to 2012 were equipped with V8 engines). Its real-life parent company, Ferrari, also never produced V10 engine for road cars. The Felon accelerates very well from a standstill, with very little wheelspin. The top speed that can be reached with the car is also very good, being among the fastest 4-door cars available. Felon‘s acceleration is defeated by its competitor, the Ubermacht Oracle.The Lampadati Felon features a front-engine, rear wheel drive layout, which gives the car lively handling. The car is very responsive with cornering, even at high speeds, though care must be taken to control the Felon‘s rear end when traction is lost. The car features large, cross-drilled brake discs.

GTA 5 Car: Lampadati Felon

$100,000 (Story Mode)
$90,000 (Online)


Top Speed:
357 km/h

Additional Mods:
Bumpers, Hood, Exhaust, Spoiler, Skirts, Turbo

Copy of Real life vehicle:
Jaguar XF, Maserati Quattroporte

Lampadati Felon Location:

  • The Felon Spawns commonly in Northern Los Santos.
  • This car oftene found in front of the Michael’s safe house, on street north from Lifeinvader’s building.
  • Sometimes driven by the Ballas members around their territory.
  • Spawn location in traffic in areas like: Rockford Hills, Vinewood Hills, Richman, Vinewood.
  • Can be bought for $100,000 from in Story Mode. It can be bought from the same place for $90,000 in GTA Online.