Nagasaki Carbon RS

The Nagasaki Carbon RS is a very rare bike found in GTA 5. It is available exclusively to players who bought the Collector’s Edition in the previous gen version, however, it appears as a normal vehicle in the enhanced version. The bike’s design appears to be inspired by the Italian styling featured on the Ducati 1199 and EBR 1190RS. The bike also has a body that is made entirely from CFRP. This is the first vehicle in the Grand Theft Auto series to feature full CFRP body construction. However, the Dinka Double T has an option to convert parts of the frame into carbon fiber.

The Nagasaki Carbon RS is a lightweight bike with a short wheelbase and as expected, it is very nimble, it can easily perform a wheelie and a stoppie, the bike however, has only average top speed, which can be easily beaten by the Bati 801, although its acceleration and maneuverability compensates the top speed, matching the other sports bikes. Additional mods for Nagasaki Carbon RS include Turbo. In Grand Theft Auto Online, Nagasaki Carbon RS cannot be sold in Los Santos Customs but It can be bought for $40,000 in the enhanced version of the game.

Nagasaki Carbon RS
Nagasaki Carbon RS
Nagasaki Carbon RS Side view
Nagasaki Carbon RS Side view


GTA 5 Motorcycle: Nagasaki Carbon RS Detailed Info and Location

Free (Online) (Collector’s Edition)
$40,000 (Single Player) (Returning Players)


Top Speed:
306 km/h

Extra Mods:

Copy of Real Life Vehicle:
Ducati 1199 and EBR 1190RS

Nagasaki Carbon RS Location in GTA 5 and GTA Online:

  • In Single Player, if the player has the Collector’s Edition, the vehicle can be found, along with the Hotknife, in each character’s away-from-home garage.
  • It can be purchased for free in GTA Online from For those who do not own the Collector’s Edition, the bike is listed as ‘Out of Stock’.
  • Can be bought for $40,000 in the enhanced version of the game.