Nagasaki Blazer

The Nagasaki Blazer is a sports-oriented quad bike in GTA 5. The Blazer has similar body styling elements to those of the Yamaha YFZ450. Unlike the standard YFZ450, the Quad features an aftermarket grab bar. The quad bike has handlebars with no coverings. It also features a central, single headlamp unit. The Blazer also appears with a 2-color paint scheme. A special and rare version of the Nagasaki Blazer spawns at Trevor’s trailer after completing the main storyline and is available to all protagonists. It is modeled after a hot rod and features a black paintjob with flames, hood scoop, hot rod 8 exhausts and several other modifications.

The Nagasaki Blazer in GTA 5 features large shock absorbers for each wheel at the front, surrounded by double A-arms attaching each wheel to the frame. The front wheels also include disc brakes. The rear of the beta form of the bike is unconventional, using independent springs and shock absorbers for each half of the axle, inspired by systems used on utility quad bikes. However, they aren’t connected to the wheels by anything except the axle, which would be practically insensible. The final form of the bike however does feature a more conventional setup, utilizing a central shock and spring. The power is delivered to the rear axle via a chain drive and the braking ability is supplied by a central brake disc. The exhaust pipe exits the rear beneath the arches on the left.

During ‘Nervous Ron’, there are 2 unique versions of Nagasaki Blazer. Trevor’s Blazer has a unique all red color and a unique license plate, ‘TPI1000’ (TPI1000 = Trevor Philips Industries). Ron’s Blazer has a unique all blue color and a unique license plate, ‘B3LI3V3’ (B3LI3V3 = Believe). To obtain Trevor’s Blazer just pushed in garage and destroy it and the Mission will fail. Save the game and then reload it and it’s drivable. To obtain Ron’s Blazer, don’t go to Ammu-Nation and follow Ron, then push the Blazer than Ron moved to the Tower to the 3rd next side of the wall near the tower and push to the left side and bring a Pick Up to the right side, then push with a vehicle the Blazer to load floor of the Pick Up and enter the Pick Up and bring it to the safehouse garage and get the Nagasaki Blazer out of the Pick Up and destroy it and the Mission will fail. Save the game and then re-load it and it’s drivable. You can also destroy both vehicles in the safehouse garage and it’s also later in the game drivable.

Nagasaki Blazer GTA 5 Front View
Nagasaki Blazer GTA 5 Front View
Nagasaki Blazer GTA 5 Rear View
Nagasaki Blazer GTA 5 Rear View

GTA 5 Off-Road Vehicle: Nagasaki Blazer

$8,000 (


Top Speed:
202 mph

Extra Mods:
Wheels, Armor, Brakes, etc.

Copy of Real Life vehicle:
Yamaha YFZ450

Nagasaki Blazer Location in GTA 5:

  • Commonly found driving around Blaine County.
  • During Nervous Ron.
  • One spawns next to a Trashmaster in the southeast of Los Santos International Airport along with a Dozer.
  • One can occasionally be found parked on the side of the upper east trail leading down/up on Mount Chiliad.
  • Two can be found side by side on the shore line along Paleto Bay.
  • Nagasaki Blazer can be bought for $8,000 from

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