Grotti Stinger GT

The Grotti Stinger GT is a classic two-door sports coupe featured only in GTA Online. As the name suggests, The Stinger GT is the grand tourer variant of the standard Grotti Stinger seen in GTA 5. The Grotti Stinger GT is based on the Ferrari 250 GTO as seen by its overall design, greenhouse area, sides and the short elongated rear fascia and Shelby Daytona while its front end is quite reminiscent of the Ferrari Dino and Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale as well as drawing some inspiration from Pontiac Banshee. The Grotti Stinger GT is rear-engined with powerful V8 engine, and has a hard top and ducktail spoiler for extra aerodynamics at high speeds.

In Grand Theft Auto 5, the car boasts a relatively high speed and acceleration, on par with several sports coupes such as the Benefactor Feltzer. Despite Legendary Motorsport stating the Grotti Stinger GT has better performance than the standard Grotti Stinger, in game testing has shown that there is no significant difference between the two, which leaves the player at the option of her/his preferable body style of convertible or coupe within the Stinger range.

Grotti Stinger GT Front
Grotti Stinger GT Front
Grotti Stinger GT Rear
Grotti Stinger GT Rear


GTA 5 Car: Grotti Stinger GT

$875,000 (Online)


Top Speed:
280 km/h

Additional Mods:

Copy of Real life Vehicle:
Ferrari 250 GTO, Ferrari Dino, Alfa Romeo Stradale

Stinger GT Location:

  • A dark green Grotti Stinger GT is one of the four required cars for the online Simeon mission GTA Today. The driver of this car is seen pulled over by police in West Vinewood giving you the opportunity to steal it. It is impossible to keep this vehicle as it disappears once the mission is over.
  • A silver Grotti Stinger GT spawns in front of the garage in the mansion complex during the Death From Above online mission.
  • The online mission, Rich Men in Richman, requires the player to steal a Grotti Stinger GT. However, it is impossible to keep this car as it disappears once the mission is over.
  • The Grotti Stinger GT is only available for purchase from the Legendary Motorsport website in GTA Online for $875,000.

More Images:

Yellow Stinger GT

Red Stinger GT

White Stinger GT in GTA 5