Invetero Coquette Classic

The Invetero Coquette Classic is a 2-door sports car and the predecessor of the Coquette appearing in GTA 5 and GTA Online after the San Andreas Flight School Update. The car is based on a 3rd generation Chevrolet Corvette.

Its front headlamps of the Coquette Classic bears a strong resemblance to that of the Chevrolet Corvette C3 albeit without hidden headlamps, while its side profile and rear fascia resembles the Chevrolet Corvette C2. The vehicle comes in two variants: roadster and hard-top. In hard-top form, the split rear window definitely nails this car as a ’63 Sting Ray. (The proper name was ‘Sting Ray’ at the time, the single-word name ‘Stingray’ was used later.)

The Invetero Coquette Classic, just like the modern Coquette, has a good top speed and acceleration, thanks to its V8 engine. However, as the description from Legendary Motorsport implies, handling is poor. Understeer is a problem, and at the same time the car is extremely tail-happy. When cornering at moderate to high speeds, the back end will almost invariably step out into to a slide; while not good for speed and controllability, this does make the Invetero Coquettte Classic one of the easiest cars to drift in the game, in the hands of an experienced driver. The vehicle’s durability is quite good, possibly owing to its thick body panels and sturdy construction. Crash deformation is good, and the wheels are difficult to jam.

It is one of the most durable cars in terms of crash deformity (next to the Albany Roosevelt) out of the Sports Classics as well as most other cars in Grand Theft Auto V.

Topless Coquette Classic GTA 5 Front
Topless Coquette Classic GTA 5
Hardtop Coquette Classic GTA 5 Front
Hardtop Coquette Classic GTA 5


GTA 5 Car: Invetero Coquette Classic Detailed Info and Location

$665,000 (Hardtop)
$695,000 (Topless)


Top Speed:
225 km/h

Extra Mods:
Bumpers, Exhaust, Hood, Roll Cage

Copy of Real Life vehicle:
Chevrolet Corvette C3

Coquette Classic Location in GTA 5:

  • Available in the protagonists’ garages after downloading the The San Andreas Flight School Update (Xbox360/PS3).
  • Will often spawn at LSIA near Devin Weston Jet Charter.
  • Seen in Vinewood Hills.
  • Will rarely spawn in the parking lot of the Galileo Observatory, often pre-modified.
  • Can rarely be seen outside any Los Santos Customs, often pre-modified.
  • The Coquette Classic can be purchased on for $665,000 (hardtop) or $695,000 (topless roadster).