Benefactor Schafter LWB and Armored Version

The Benefactor Schafter LWB is a Long Wheel Base variant of the Schafter appears in GTA 5 as part of GTA Online Executives and Other Criminals update. It is essentially the same as the standard Schafter, yet now features a window channel in between pillars B and C.

The Schafter LWB is largely a downgrade of the standard Schafter, offering inferior acceleration, but slightly higher top speed. Handling is slightly more lethargic, with the increased weight and longer wheelbase hurting the cornering radius and response time.

Benefactor Schafter LWB GTA 5 Online Front View
Schafter LWB Front View
Benefactor Schafter LWB GTA 5 Online Rear View
Schafter LWB Rear View

Schafter LWB Armored Version

An armored version, dubbed the Schafter LWB (Armored) exists. It holds the same design, yet features window armoring around the pillars and window frames and offers more protection to the player, engine, and deformation of the chassis and window pillars. The Schafter LWB Armored version is similar in many regards, except it amplifies these changes, with even lower acceleration, higher top speed, and noticeably inferior handling.


Benefactor Schafter LWB and Armored Version – Detailed Info, Stats, and Location

Car Price:
LWB $208,000
LWB Armoured $438,000
available through Legendary Motorsport


Top Speed:

Additonal Mods:
Bumpers, skirts, exhausts, hood, spoiler, etc

Copy of Real Life vehicle:
Mercedes S65 AMG (W221)