Obey 9F Cabrio

The Obey 9F Cabrio is a sports car featured in GTA 5. It is the convertible version of the Obey 9F coupe. The 9F Cabrio is designed to resemble a Audi R8 Spyder. The headlights appear similar to those of a Maserati Ghibli, while the taillights appear to be from a Noble M600. The engine shafts appear somewhat similar to those of the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 and McLaren 12C Spider.

The Obey 9F Cabrio appears to have very high performance, in terms of top speed and acceleration. One notable aspect of the car’s performance is that it has a soft suspension setup which can be visibly seen by the compression of the body into the ground when transitioning from a negative gradient to level ground. This sports car features large, cross-drilled brake rotors which are coupled to red six piston brake calipers, mounted at the rear of each wheel, this combined with an AWD layout provides good traction and stability, as well as responsive handling and braking.

The 9F Cabrio performs virtually identical to its hardtop variant, the 9F, except it has a slightly lower top speed of 189 mph (304 km/h) and a slower 0 to 60 mph acceleration time of 4.8 seconds. As it has been converted into a convertible, it has gained a couple of pounds/kilograms of weight, slightly hampering its handling capabilities.

in GTA 5, a 9F Cabrio along with a Rapid GT Convertible, are the two cars Simeon Yetarian assigns Franklin Clinton and Lamar Davis to repossess in the mission Franklin and Lamar. The 9F Is always white, and the Rapid GT is always red. In GTA Online, a Obey 9F Cabrio is repossessed by the player from the Rockford Dorset Hotel for Simeon in the mission Rockford Roll.

Obey 9F Cabrio GTA 5 Front View
Obey 9F Cabrio GTA 5 Front View
Obey 9F Cabrio GTA 5 Rear View
Obey 9F Cabrio GTA 5 Rear View


GTA 5 Sports Car: Obey 9F Cabrio Detailed Info, Stats, and Location

Car Price:
$130,000 (Online)
Market: Legendarymotorsport.net


Top Speed:
304 km/h

Extra Mods:
Bumpers, Chassis, Skirts, Hood, Exhaust, Spoiler, Turbo

Copy of Real Life vehicle:

Audy R8 Spyder
Audy R8 Spyder

9F Cabrio Location in GTA 5 and GTA Online:

  • Found in the parking lot at the Vespucci Beach in Vespucci.
  • Commonly encountered in Rockford Hills and Vinewood Hills.
  • Occasionally encountered parked on Hawick Avenue in Hawick.
  • The 9F Cabrio Can be bought for $130,000 from Legendarymotorsport.net