Overflod Zeno

The Overflod Zeno is a 2-door hypercar that appears in GTA Online as part of The Contract update.

Overflod Zeno GTA 5 Online

Overflod Zeno in Real Life

The Overflod Zeno’s design is heavily influenced by the SSC Tuatara, with the sides and swept-back design influenced by the McLaren Speedtail. The rear is clearly inspired by the Bugatti Divo, though the taillights are most likely inspired by the Hennessey Venom F5, and the triangular exhausts are taken from the Tuatara’s newer versions. The front grille appears to be inspired by the Pagani Huayra, while the mirrors are inspired by the Apollo Arrow.

The front of the car is shaped like a wedge, with a CFRP section at the bottom and a meshed intake above that spans the majority of the car’s width and has two vertical separations in the center. On the top of the car, there are a set of modern headlamps with C-shaped outer strips and trapezoid-shaped inner units, with the upper ones serving as amber indicators. The boot lid, which has smooth ridges starting from the center and leading to either side of the cabin, dominates the bonnet area, as does the manufacturer emblem on the front. The boot lid hinges from the front and opens to reveal a small luggage compartment, a CFRP finish around it, and what appear to be two end caps.

Overflod Zeno Front View
Overflod Zeno Front View
Overflod Zeno Rear View
Overflod Zeno Rear View

The Overflod Zeno’s sides are mostly dominated by upswept shapes that pass through the doors and house small exit vents near the front wheels, while small openings can be seen on the skirting area and upper intakes can be seen past the doors. The roof and cabin pillars are finished in black, and the doors pivot from the vehicle’s upper frontal edges, housing narrow mirror wings and discreet handles. The car’s rear section has curved lines that lead to the center and a black section behind the cabin that houses the rear window.

This rear section also functions as a clamp that hinges from behind the cabin and opens to reveal the engine bay, a CFRP finish with a black surrounding and two small vents continuing from the upper intakes of the side, as well as a single shock/spring, two articulated bars, and the chassis frames.

The rear end of the vehicle is dominated by three large meshed vents: an upper one that spans the entire width of the car and two lower ones on the edges that are separated by a CFRP separation. Large tail lamp strips are divided within the upper vent between the brake lamp in the center, two small reverse lamps in the middle, and large main/turning lamps on the edges, with the number plate visible beneath the central brake lamp. The car’s lower section features a CFRP diffuser with three triangle-shaped exhausts in the center and a smaller mesh vent below, while the vehicle’s underside is mostly carbon plated, with the rear gearbox/diff exposed. The interior is shared with vehicles such as the Grotti X80 Proto, the Vagner, and the Visione, and the horn cap bears the manufacturer’s badge.

The primary color of the car is used on the majority of the bodywork, the spring in the engine bay, and the interior stitching, while the secondary color is used on the areas below the headlamps, the rear-view mirrors, the upper surfaces of the lower rear exit vents, and a portion of the rims. Trim color for the interior is also available, which is applied to the dashboard, part of the doors, and the inner portions of the seats. The Overflod Zeno is outfitted with a set of six-spoke split rims with bolt details around the center that are mostly finished in black and wrapped in low-profile tyres.

Overflod Zeno Performance

The car is powered by a V-shaped engine that appears to emulate the V8 engine from its real-life inspiration, and it drives the rear wheels via a 7-speed gearbox. Its engine sound is similar to that of the Emerus, as it is an edited version of the engine sounds from the Grotti Cheetah and Pegassi Vacca.

GTA 5 Car: Overflod Zeno Detailed Info, Stats, and Location

Car Price:
Market: Legendary Motorsport

2 (driver and passenger)

Top Speed:
131.8 mph

Copy of Real Life vehicle:
SSC Tuatara

Location in GTA 5 and GTA Online:
Available for purchase from Legendary Motorsport for $2,820,000.