Vapid Bullet

The Vapid Bullet is a super car featured in GTA 5 that is heavily modeled, both front and back, on the real life Ford GT. The Bullet first appeared in GTA: San Andreas. As the name suggests, acceleration, speed, handling, and braking are the best in the game.

Unfortunately, there are no unique mods for this good-looking and capable car. The Bullet is missing theWindow Tint mod option at both Beeker’s Garage and Los Santos Customs, so it doesn’t even have the “standard 12” mod categories that most vehicles have. Bullet GT engine is actually a machine Turismo. Bullet GT share the same rim design with Infernus, except it has a groove in the center of each spoke (Infernus doesn’t t have this). In GTA 5, the Bullet is one of the vehicles that have rear louvers as stock. Another being the Monroe.

Vapid Bullet GTA 5 Front
Vapid Bullet GTA 5 Front


Vapid Bullet GTA 5 Rear
Vapid Bullet GTA 5 Rear


Similar to the F620, Buffalo, Infernus, Banshee and Sultan RS, the Bullet GT is prone to backfire from its exhaust, either when changing gear or in the higher RPM ranges. In GTA 5 Bullet still handles fast, but it is the slowest supercar in the second game, only faster than Voltic, Bullet is more comparable to a sports car instead of a supercar

Car Price: 
$155,000 (Online)

Top Speed:
354 km/h


Extra Mods:

Real life vehicle:
Ford GT

Vapid Bullet Location:

  • Always spawns at Simeon’s dealership at the beginning of Repossession.
  • Seems to spawn when riding a Hexer.
  • Sometimes found parked opposite of Sessanta Nove on Portola Drive in Rockford Hills.
  • Sometimes Vapid Bullet is parked on Kortz Center parking lot. Beware – guards patrol the Kortz Center.
  • Sometimes Vapid Bullet spawns at the Limited Service station in Richman Glen.
  • Spawns commonly when driving a Buccaneer.

for more, watch the video below: ‘How to find Vapid Bullet Supercar’