Bravado Gresley

The Bravado Gresley is an SUV in GTA 5. The Gresley is based on the Dodge Durango, and features a sporty and aggressive appearance. Many attributes of the Durango were carried over to designing the Bravado including suspension stance, lower bumpers, the cabin and windows, badging on the rear hatch, and overall vehicle shape. A few design cues appear to have been taken off of the second generation Kia Sorento as well, including the headlights and frontal fascia. The taillights are similar to the BMW X6, and the Rear end resembles a 200 series Toyota Land Cruiser.

Despite the V6 engine and sporty appearance, The Bravado Gresley doesn’t take off as quickly as one would hope, but it is still faster than most other SUVs. The off-road capabilities with this vehicle are very good despite the lower ride stance. The Gresley could possibly be named after Sir Herbert Nigel Gresley, a British steam locomotive engineer, who designed well known steam engines, and was the first to record a locomotive going over 160 km/h in passenger service. The Bravado Gresley has the same engine sound as the Stanier, a vehicle named after Sir William Stanier, another British steam locomotive engineer.

Bravado Gresley Front View
Bravado Gresley Front View
Bravado Gresley Rear View
Bravado Gresley Rear View


GTA 5 SUV: Bravado Gresley Detailed Info and Location

$2,900 (Online) in Los Santos Customs.


Top Speed:
260 km/h

Additional Mods:
Bumpers, Hood, Skirts, Exhaust and Turbo.

Copy of Real Life Vehicle:
Dodge Durango

Bravado Gresley Location in GTA 5:

  • Usually spawns in Rancho and Strawberry.
  • Usually parked around Rockford Hills.
  • Very common when driving another SUV around Los Santos.
  • In GTA Online, The Bravado Gresley sells for $2,900 in Los Santos Customs.