Declasse Granger

The Declasse Granger is a four-door full-size SUV featured in GTA 5. The Granger features North American styling, similar to the 11th generation Chevrolet Suburban in terms of the front-end, side and rear profile, with subtle design cues of the refreshed model, applied to the front end. Its headlights resemble the 2006-2013 GMC Sierra.

The front of the Granger is geometric and designed to create a butch profile. At the base of the front bumper there is a central trim area with elevated rectangles, made from a polymer. Level with the top of the trim and on either side of it, there are circular fog lamps. The main grille and headlight units are located above the protruding front bumper. The main grille has three main horizontal chrome strips, the middle strip bearing the manufacturer emblem. Inset between the three main strips there are thinner horizontal strips. The headlamps have bottom edges in line with the top edge of the bottom main grille strip and top edges in line with the bottom edge of the grille’s main top chrome strip. The headlight units feature two main wider sections (split by a continuation of the grille’s central chrome strip) and then a thin, tall amber strip out at the edges. The hood features a large elevated area whose boundaries continue the side boundaries of the grille.

The sides of the SUV’s body illustrate its intention for off-road use. The wheel arches and much of the area between them are elevated from the rest of the body. Above the elevated area the body has no extra formations. The greenhouse area features windows that have thin trim around the edges. The D-pillars are finished with trim however. On the roof there are six longitudinal ridges and a roof rail at either side. The Granger has been seen with high profile tires and split five spoke wheels, similar to those found on the Imponte Ruiner.

The Declasse Granger is a powerhouse, due to its superior 6.0L V8 engine and extremely stable 4×4 design with 6-speed automatic transmission, it’s best designed for taking, and dishing out, serious punishment. Although lacking in the raw speed of a sports-class vehicle, the Granger has no problem navigating difficult terrain such as mountainous, rocky, or sandy areas, making it ideal for off-road escapes, especially when running from smaller on-road designed vehicles.

The Declasse Granger is capable of sustaining multiple assaults from head-of collisions and drive-by shootings, while remaining driveable, making it a favorite of the Los Santos Police/SWAT team and Park Rangers. The one downside of the granger is its relatively low ride height, which makes certain obstacles, such as steep stairs and steep inclines an issue. In order for the SUV to make it over these obstacles the front bumper may need to be broken off.

The Declasse Granger can transport up to 8 passengers – 4 can sit inside the car, while an additional 4 can hang onto the sides, standing on the running boards. The passengers hanging onto the outside are able to use assault rifles and MGs while being driven, similar to the Albany Roosevelt, making this car excellent for drive by’s and assaulting other cars. Care must be taken by the driver of the vehicle when players are riding on the running boards since they can be knocked off and killed in collisions.

Declasse Granger GTA 5 Front View
Declasse Granger GTA 5 Front View
Declasse Granger GTA 5 Rear View
Declasse Granger GTA 5 Rear View


Declasse Granger Variants

Declasse Granger Sheriff
Declasse Granger (Sheriff)

The civilian Granger is the base vehicle for several variants in the game: FIB SUV, Sheriff SUV, Park Ranger and the Lifeguard. Can be found with and without front bumper bull bars/brush guards.. There are 4 non-civilian variants of the Declasse Granger:

  • The San Andreas Park Ranger uses the Granger as a Park Ranger unit.
  • The Los Santos County Sheriff’s NOOSE use the Sheriff SUV as a unit for special response.
  • The Los Santos Lifeguard use a lifeguard variant as a rescue vehicle on Vespucci Beach.
  • The FIB and NOOSE use unmarked Grangers respectively for service and for special response.

GTA 5 Car: Declasse Granger Detailed Info and Location

Online price: $35,000 (
Selling price: $3,500


Top Speed:
195 mph

Additional Mods:

Copy of Real Life vehicle:
Chevrolet Suburban

Declasse Granger Location in GTA 5 and GTA Online:

  • It’s a relatively common vehicle to see in both, the city and the countryside.
  • Most of the time near Fort Zancudo east checkpoint, in a dirt road.
  • Often seen in Blaine County, particularly, the section of the Route 68 highway running through Harmony, and Paleto Bay.
  • Chianski Passage (on the left at the side of the road heading towards the ‘Humane Labs and Research’).
  • Can be found around in Davis Quartz.
  • Occasionally spawns in the graveyard parking lot of the Hill Valley Church in Pacific Bluffs.
  • Around the area of the RON Alternates Wind Farm safe house
  • Sometimes around the docks.
  • Commonly in the Downtown area, or more commonly in Richman.
  • Can be bought from for $35,000.
  • In Grand Theft Auto Online, Declasse Granger sells for $3,100 in Los Santos Customs.