Ocelot Jackal

The Ocelot Jackal is a type of Coupe Vehicle in GTA 5 and GTA Online. The Ocelot Jackal is considered as a Coupe although it has 4-doors, suggesting that it is a ‘four-door coupe’ or a fastback sedan. The Ocelot Jackal has a short compact profile and has an appearance similar to the Volvo S60 especially the front fascia. It is somewhat similar to a more compact version of the Jaguar XFR, but it’s profile is much more compact with a higher bonnet/hood profile, different rear lights, fascia, and side air intakes (which are mostly similar to a Maserati, which the other Ocelot model is based on). Some of the design has taken some cues from the Tesla Model S. The rear takes most of its design influence from the Buick Regal and second generation Saab 9-5, featuring a chrome strip connected to stylized C-shaped rear light units. The Ocelot Jackal, like most vehicles, has no reverse lights.

The overall performance of the Ocelot Jackal makes it an excellent choice for a getaway vehicle. It corners surprisingly well for such a big sedan, and acceleration and braking are very good also, although under stress it does have a tendency to lock the front brakes up. The Ocelot Jackal is also well built, meaning it can take a number of hits before being disabled. Top speed is acceptable, but nothing spectacular.

Red Ocelot Jackal Front
Red Ocelot Jackal Front
Red Ocelot Jackal Rear
Red Ocelot Jackal Rear

GTA 5 Car: Ocelot Jackal Detailed Info and Location

Ocelot Jackal sells for $6,000 in Los Santos Customs.


Top Speed:
300 km/h

Extra Mods:
Hood, Skirts, Bumpers, Spoiler, Exhaust, Turbo

Copy of Real Life vehicle:
Volvo S60,  Jaguar XFR

Ocelot Jackal Location in GTA 5 and GTA Online:

  • Can be found driving around the Paleto Bay area.
  • The car is relatively common in Los Santos, appearing mostly in the high-end districts such as Richman, Vinewood, Rockford Hills and Vespucci Beach.
  • The Ocelot Jackal appears in The Long Stretch mission, which serves as a getaway car for Franklin, Lamar, and Stretch.
  • Quite common in GTA Online, the car can be found in Los Santos.
  • In GTA Online the Jackal sells for $6,000 at Los Santos Customs. When fully modified, it only can sell for $93,750.

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