Ubermacht Sentinel

The Ubermacht Sentinel is a 2-door sports coupe and hard-top convertible in GTA 5. The Ubermacht Sentinel inspired by the newer BMW 3 Series E93 convertible based on the engine noise and performance, most likely a 330i or 335i. However, it has the design of a 328i Convertible with performance that isn’t similar, with either a N52B30AB naturally aspirated petrol six cylinder engine, a N54B30TT twin turbo 6-cylinder petrol engine or a N55B30T Twin-scroll Turbocharged engine. Three of them have a rev limit of 7000 rpm similar to the Sentinel’s engine rev limit of 7000 rpm. There are elements from the E92 M3. The Ubermacht Sentinel also has little style ques from the Lexus ISF USE20, this is noticeable in the front grille. It is available as a hard top convertible, based on the E92 coupe. The wheels featured on this model bear a striking resemblance to Volk Racing GT30 or RE30 wheels. The same wheels are shared with the Benefactor Feltzer and the Schyster Fusilade. In GTA 5, the Ubermacht Sentinel the most expensive car that can stolen off the street to keep in one’s garage or sold at Los Santos Customs, tied with the Lampadati Felon GT, selling for $9,500.

The front face of the Ubermacht Sentinel has an overall appearance similar to the M3, but has some minor differences: the headlights appear more like those found on the Subaru Impreza (second facelift), and the grille is a single unit as opposed to the trademark ‘kidney’ grille found on BMW models. The rear of the Ubermacht Sentinel is based mainly on the Saab 9-3. At the rear, half the bumper width features an area filled with a secondary material. Unlike the 3-series that this model is based on, the exhaust tips sit just outside the outer edges of this area, and are oval as opposed to twin-circles.

in GTA 5, the Ubermacht Sentinel reaches a superb top speed of 185 mph (300 km/h) – not far from the fastest vehicles in the game. It has above-average acceleration, reaching 60 mph from a stand still in 5.8 seconds, and reaching its top speed fairly quickly as well. The Sentinel’s suspension is rather soft, and it tends to roll when going around tight bends at high speed; the rear of the car also tends to bounce about when traveling on uneven roads. Its handling is above average, but at high speeds it loses a lot of grip and easily spins out of control due to the lack of weight in the rear. Crash deformation at higher speeds is high (quarter panels of the car may look to be ‘glitched’ into the wheel wells if hit hard enough), and it isn’t hard with this car to make the wheels jam in crashes, but the car can withstand a surprising amount of frontal impacts without failing. This Ubermacht Sentinel is a good car to use in online races. This car has a very smooth feeling and doesn’t feel uncomfortable when driving at any speed.

Ubermacht Sentinel Front View
Ubermacht Sentinel Front View
Ubermacht Sentinel Rear View
Ubermacht Sentinel Rear View

GTA 5 Car: Ubermacht Sentinel Detailed Info and Location

$95,000 (Online)
market: Southernsanandreassuperautos.com


Top Speed:
300 km/h

Additional Mods:
Hood, Exhaut, Bumpers, Respray, Skirts, Spoiler, Suspension, Transmission, Turbo, Wheels, Windows.

Copy of Real Life vehicle:
BMW 3 Series E93 convertible

Ubermacht Sentinel Location in GTA 5 and GTA Online:

  • Very common in Vinewood Hills, Rockford Hills, and Richman.
  • One will spawn occasionally at Del Perro Pier.
  • Occasionally spawns in Vespucci Beach.
  • Amanda’s Sentinel occasionally (always after the final mission) spawns at Michael’s house, when she is at home. If the player (as Franklin or Trevor) takes Amanda’s Sentinel, they will get a text message from Michael to return the car.
  • Rarely parked at the Los Santos Golf Club
  • Spawns rarely in Paleto Bay
  • In the mission Potshot, the Sentinel may spawn in traffic on the motorway next to the farm.
  • Simeon sometimes will want a Ubermacht Sentinel XS for his vehicle list. The standart Ubermacht Sentinel may spawn more often when the Sentinel XS does, allowing you to obtain one. Once you obtain an XS, keep driving around Vinewood Hills and Rockford Hills until the convertible spawns. This triggers more to spawn.
  • As of patch 1.13, the Ubermacht Sentinel can now be purchased from Southernsanandreassuperautos.com for $95,000.

 Sentinel and Sentinel XS images: