Principe Lectro

The Principe Lectro is a sportsbike featured in GTA Online, added as part of the Heists Update. The Lectro’s overall design appears to be based on the Ducati Streetfighter S with some elements from the MV Agusta Brutale series.

‘Kers’ can be seen written on the Lectro. A Kinetic Energy Recovery System (a.k.a KERS) is an automotive system for recovering a moving vehicle’s otherwise wasted kinetic energy under braking.

Players can use the KERS boost by pressing the left stick to gain a boost which can be refilled by letting go of the accelerator. The amount of boost left is shown in a yellow horizontal bar graph under the radar, similar to the protagonists’ Special Ability in GTA 5.

Despite its KERS boost, the Principe Lectro is a fairly average performing motorcycle. Its top speed and acceleration are more similar to the Principe Nemesis, being decent but nothing worth noting. When using the KERS boost, however, the Principe Lectro is able to keep up, abiet shortly, to the Dinka Akuma. However, with only a couple seconds of KERS use before it is used up, the Lectro will begin lagging behind as soon as the KERS is used up. The motorcycle’s handling is again, not very notable, though it does feel noticeably heavier than similar motorcycles. Unlike similar motorcycles, the Lectro cannot wheelie at top speed.

Principe Lectro GTA 5 Front View
Principe Lectro GTA 5 Front View
Principe Lectro GTA 5 Rear View
Principe Lectro GTA 5 Rear View

GTA 5 Online Heist Bike: Principe Lectro Detailed Info and Stats

$750,000 (Online)


Top Speed:
142 mph

Copy of Real Life vehicle:
Ducati Streetfighter S

How to unlock the Principe Lectro in GTA Online:

  • The Principe Lectro can be purchased on in GTA Online for $750,000 after completing The Pacific Standard Job.