Dinka Vindicator

The Dinka Vindicator is a motorcycle featured in GTA 5 and GTA Online, as part of the Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 Update.

The Dinka Vindicator is based on the Honda NM4 Vultus, with the rear’s briefly having the features as a Honda Range Adventure. It has a custom seat and lacks the front light, but instead is split up into two. The First Person View includes to digital speedometer and tachometer found in the Utility Truck.

In GTA Online, the Dinka Vindicator is generally comparable to the Dinka Thrust in terms of handling and feel. Acceleration is lacking for a motorcycle, and its top speed is acceptable. Handling, especially for a motorcycle, is very poor, the Vindicator has a major issue with understeer due to its long wheelbase, and often won’t be able to go around a corner without some form of braking.

Dinka Vindicator GTA 5 Side View
Dinka Vindicator GTA 5 Side View
Dinka Vindicator GTA 5 Rear View
Dinka Vindicator GTA 5 Rear View

Similar to the Principe Lectro, the Dinka Vindicator has a KERS boost ability, which means the excess energy lost by braking can be re-gained via the usage of the horn button. Compared to the Lectro, the Vindicator is better suited for KERS because its poor handling means that the motorcycle brakes in more corners than similar bikes, therefore generating more KERS boost opportunities. The KERS feature doesn’t work in GTA 5 only in GTA Online, similar to how the KERS feature doesn’t work on the Lectro if it is modded into story mode. In addition, the Dinka Vindicator does not have a horn like the Principe Lectro.

GTA 5 Motorcycle: Dinka Vindicator Detailed Info and Stats

market: Legendarymotorsport.net


Top Speed:
110 mph

Additional Mods:
Armour, Brake, Scarf, Saddle bags, Turbo, Front mudguard, Transmission

Copy of Real Life vehicle:

Honda NM4 Vultus
Honda NM4 Vultus