Declasse Stallion

The Declasse Stallion is a convertible muscle car featured in GTA 5. this car is absent in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game but reappears in the NextGen Version (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC versions) of the game. The Declasse Stallion is resembles a 1970 Plymouth Hemi Barracuda. The sides bear the aggressive, heavily creased, lines of Oldsmobile Cutlasses and the headlights are surrounded by headlight bezels similar to those on a ’68 Cutlass. Its engine is a 347ci (5.6 litre) V8. The Stallion can be obtained in three versions, the street version in hardtop and convertible and the stock car version.

In GTA IV, The Stallion is manufactured by Classique, but in GTA V the car is manufactured by Declassse. Despite being manufactured by Declasse, the Stallion still retains Classique badges.

Burger Shot Stallion

Burger Shot Stallion GTA 5 Front

Burger Shot Stallion GTA 5 Side

The enhanced edition of GTA 5 features an unique Declasse Stallion with a Burger Shot livery, exclusively for players returning from Xbox 360/PS3. This variant appears during the Stock Car Races and will become available in each protagonist’s garage once the player wins the 1st stock car race. The stock cars may be modified further in Los Santos Customs including the ability to respray the underlying color. The sponsorship decals can not be changed or removed. As with all race versions of vehicles in GTA 5, the Burger Shot Stallion does hold improvements over the standard variant, including a slightly higher top speed, and a much faster acceleration, yet unlike the other Stock Cars, there is no improvement to stopping power, and handling remains unchanged.

GTA 5 Car: Declasse Stallion Detailed Info and Location

$71,000 (GTA Online)


Top Speed:
245 km/h

Copy of Real Life vehicle:
1970 Plymouth Hemi Barracuda

Stallion Location in GTA 5:

  • Can be found in Davis and Strawberry (enhanced version).
  • The Burger Shot Stallion can be found at each protagonists’ garage after winning the Stock Car Race five times.
  • Can be bought at at for $71,000 in GTA Online.