Bravado Buffalo STX

The Bravado Buffalo STX is a four-door muscle car that appears in GTA Online as part of The Contract update. The “STX” designation is likely a reference to the name of the base Dodge Charger, SXT. In reference to the Hellcat name, the “STX” designation can be interpreted as a reference to the River Styx, which in Greek mythology separates the worlds of the living and the dead.

Bravado Buffalo STX in Real Life

Bravado Buffalo STX
Bravado Buffalo STX GTA Online

The Bravado Buffalo STX is primarily based on the Dodge Charger from 2015 to the present (LD). The majority of its design is based on the Charger, with front and rear bumper designs inspired by SRT models; similarly, the wheels are based on those found on the 2020 SRT Hellcat Widebody. The Buffalo STX and Charger differ in their bodywork towards the C-pillar and the absence of quarter windows in the rear doors. The taillights are similar to those found on the 2013-2017 SRT/Dodge Viper (VX I). The hood is reminiscent of the 2015–2020 Shelby GT350 (S550), while the side vents are similar to those found on the BMW M3 (F80) and BMW M4 (F82/F83).

The car is portrayed as a newer version of the Buffalo and Buffalo S, with the same general body shape and features. The car’s front fascia features a large central intake that spans about two-thirds of the width and has a black/plastic frame on the upper portion, followed by smaller intakes to cool off the front brakes. The upper section features a narrow grille with the Bravado emblem and two black intakes, while the headlights are circular units with modern LED-like strips. The hood is elevated in the center and features a small intake.

The car has distinct bottom lines and angled side skirts on the sides, while the front fenders have small exit vents with a single black separation. Additional body lines can be seen around the front exit vents and lead towards the rear end, almost parallel to the waistlines, with painted handles on the doors. Black trims around the windows are used in the greenhouse area, with additional lines separating the roof panel from the rest of the car.

The Bravado Buffalo STX has a small trunk lid with a lip spoiler on top, as well as a black panel that spans the entire width of the car and passes through the trunk lid. This black panel houses the Bravado badging in the center and the tail lights on the outer edges, which are made up of outer red units divided between the outer brake lights and the inner main light, as well as inner units divided between the outer indicators and the inner reverse lights. The bumper is relatively bulky, with narrow exit vents on the edges and a rectangular section in the center holding the license plate, while the bottom area has a black/plastic section with a central vent, four diffuser blades, and exhaust pipe mouldings.

The interior is a four-door variant of that found in vehicles such as the Vapid Dominator GTX, Specter, and Gauntlet Hellfire, with the Bravado emblem on the horn cap.

The primary color of the Buffalo STX is used on the bodywork, while the secondary color is used on the interior overstitches. Trim colors are also available for the dashboard, door panels, and the interior of the seats. The vehicle rides on a set of 5-spoke dual rims with low-profile tires.

Bravado Buffalo STX Customization Front View
Bravado Buffalo STX Customization Front View
Bravado Buffalo STX Customization Rear View
Bravado Buffalo STX Customization Rear View

Bravado Buffalo STX Performance

The Bravado Buffalo STX’s overall performance is at the top of the Muscle class, even rivaling some vehicles in the Sports class. It has a high top speed and excellent acceleration comparable to the Gauntlet Hellfire, as well as slightly better braking power. It also has stable handling, similar to the Dominator GTX, which means it does not lose traction when hard cornering at high speeds and can even spin out, as other muscle cars do.

The car is powered by a single-cam V8 engine with a supercharger, which is mated to an 8-speed gearbox in a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive configuration. Its engine sound is based primarily on the Buffalo S and Sprunk Buffalo, but it also incorporates a supercharger whine sound from vehicles such as the Tampa and its Weaponized variant.


The Buffalo STX, like the RC Bandito and the Invade and Persuade Tank, and other vehicles from the same update, can be modified with a Remote Control Unit, which allows the vehicle to be driven remotely. It should be noted that the camera is always set to first-person view and cannot be retained if the Missile Lock-on Jammer is installed.


When the Armor Plating upgrade is installed, the vehicle gains armor padding on the sides, similar to the armored vehicles featured in the Executives and Other Criminals update. However, it provides significantly greater resistance to explosives in general. It also has bullet-resistant windows that can withstand 15 rounds from most firearms before shattering.

The Buffalo STX, along with a few other vehicles from the same update, can be outfitted with a Missile Lock-on Jammer, which prevents the Homing Launcher and other weaponized vehicles from locking on to it. It should be noted that it cannot be kept if the Remote Control Unit is present.


Machine Guns: The vehicle can be outfitted with two front-facing machine guns that are operated by the driver and perform the same functions as those found in vehicles such as the Blazer Aqua and the Ruiner 2000. They have adequate firepower against unarmored or lightly armored players and vehicles but struggle against heavily armored vehicles.

Slick Proximity Mines (green flashing light) can be installed on the vehicle, which bursts a large amount of oil on the surface, causing vehicles passing over it to lose control. This has no effect on either vehicles or players.

GTA 5 Car: Bravado Buffalo STX Detailed Info, Stats, and Location

Car Price:
$1,612,500 (trade price) (Southern San Andreas Super Autos)

4 (driver and three passengers)

Top Speed:
99.11 mph (159.50 km/h)

Copy of Real Life vehicle:
Dodge Charger from 2015 to the present

Los Santos Customs and other mod shops can customize the car, but special upgrades are only available at the vehicle workshop inside Agencies.

Location in GTA 5 and GTA Online:
Available for purchase from Southern San Andreas Super Autos for $2,150,000 or $1,612,500 after purchasing an Agency.