Vulcar Warrener

The Vulcar Warrener is a four door sedan featured in the I’m Not a Hipster Update for GTA 5. The Vulcar Warrener is heavily based on the Japanese designs of the 1971 Nissan Skyline, Datsun 510 (Bluebird), and the first year of the Toyota Corolla KE70. The car’s front fascia is a heavy mix of those from the Peugeot 504 and Nissan Skyline C10. The chassis brings a mixed resemblance from the Datsun 510 and Volvo 144. The sideview mirror placement has a resemblance of the Toyota Century’s.

The Vulcar Warrener is above average in some respects to most others cars within the sedan category, having very quick acceleration (only just below the Super Diamond) with a decent top speed of nearly 190 mph. Braking is best in class, being beaten by no other sedan in the category. Handling is sharp, with the car being very easy to control, along with being able to enter a corner without losing too much speed, however oversteer can be an issue.

Overall, the Vulcar Warrener is a good all-around car, that might not be able to keep up with most of the cars in the sports category, but still outclass its sedan class competitors in almost any race. Crash deformation with the Vulcar Warrener, however, is quite poor, as the vehicle’s engine will fail after only a few head-on collisions.

There are 20 different mod categories available. Many of the various styling mods allow you to build a Japanese Grachan/Shakotan style of street racer/drifter, while other mods, such as the Grille Delete, Front Trim Delete and Taped Headlight options seem more rally-oriented. The Warrener is also the first vehicle in GTA 5 to have taped headlights modifications. This modification was popular in the late 1960s and 1970s Japanese race cars, gymkhana and rally cars. When turbo is installed in the Vulcar Warrener, rather than featuring a blow-off valve that creates a distinct “hiss” sound when letting off the accelerator, it will feature compressor surges, creating a fluttering “whistle” sound. Several other classics and tuners in the game also have this feature.

Vulcar Warrener GTA 5 Front
Vulcar Warrener GTA 5 Front
Vulcar Warrener GTA 5 Rear
Vulcar Warrener GTA 5 Rear


GTA 5 Car: Vulcar Warrener Detailed Info and Location

Car Price:
$120,000 (Online)


Top Speed:
290 km/h

Extra Mods: 
Bumpers, Exhaust, Grille, Headlights, Spoiler, Skirts, Roll Cages, Hoods.

Copy of Real Life vehicle:
1971 Nissan Skyline, Datsun 510, Toyota Corolla KE70

Vulcar Warrener Location in GTA 5 and GTA Online:

  • Can be found in traffic (XBox one/PS4/PC Version only)
  • Available from the protagonists’ garages after installing the ‘I’m Not a Hipster’ Update in Story Mode.
  • The car can be bought online from for $120,000.