Pegassi Ignus

The Pegassi Ignus is a 2-door hypercar that appears in GTA 5 Online as part of The Contract update. The name of the car is derived from the Latin word “ignis,” which means “fire.” This could be a reference to its real-life counterpart, as “sián” is a Bolognese word that means “lightning flash.”

Pegassi Ignus in Real Life

The Pegassi Ignus is largely based on the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37, with design cues from other supercars as well as a few Lamborghini models; the aero parts and some rear elements appear to be from the Lamborghini SC20. The headlights are shaped and arranged similarly to the Sián, but with single thin-line LED strips rather than the Y-shaped ones on the real model, and the main headlight units are taken directly from the first generation Lamborghini Gallardo.

The front bumper is similar to the Lamborghini Sián, but with more exposed carbon fiber on the side intakes, and the central intake’s main outer shape is inspired by the Lamborghini Huracán STO. The taillights could be influenced by the BMW i8 (I12/I15) or the Rimac Nevera. The hood vents are similar to those found on the 2015-2017 Ferrari FXX-K. The Ignus, like the previously released Furia, features dihedral synchro-helix actuation doors, which are common on Koenigsegg vehicles.

The car’s design is reminiscent of modern Pegassi supercars such as the Pegassi Zentorno and Pegassi Zorrusso, with a wedge-shaped front end and a sloped rear section. The car’s front end features a carbon-fiber section with a painted outline, as well as three central intakes with two angled separations. Large sections of the car’s outer edges are mostly finished in carbon fiber, housing small intakes on the lower area, modern lamp strips in the middle that function as high-beam lamps, and circular headlamps on the upper area.

The front boot has a carbon-fiber inset section with a long separation and dual intakes, and another carbon-fiber detail spans the lower edge of the windscreen and mounts the corresponding wipers. On the front of the boot, the manufacturer’s emblem can be seen.

The bottom section has a black diffuser with 7 blades, while the underside is mostly carbon-plated and exposes the gearbox/differential. Its interior is similar to that of the Nero, Tempesta, and XA-21, with the Pegassi logo visible on the horn cap and badging behind the seats. The engine bay is visible through a small window.

There is a functional active spoiler right after the engine compartment, similar to cars like the Nero, T20, and XA-21, but it only works when no spoiler modification is installed.

Pegassi Ignus Performance

The Ignus is powered by a V12 engine derived from cars such as the Infernus Classic, Torero, and Toros. It is mated to a 7-speed gearbox in a mid-engine, all-wheel-drive layout (48.5 percent front, 51.5 percent rear distribution) and uses the same engine sound as cars like the Progen T20, Pegassi Tempesta, and Pegassi Zorrusso.

Pegassi Ignus GTA V Online
Pegassi Ignus GTA V Online
Pegassi Ignus GTA Online Rear Vew
Pegassi Ignus GTA Online Rear Vew

GTA 5 Car: Pegassi Ignus Detailed Info, Stats, and Location

Car Price:
Market: Legendary Motorsport

2 (driver and passenger)

Top Speed:
124.75 mph (200.77 km/h)

Copy of Real Life vehicle:
Lamborghini Sián FKP 37

Bumpers, Exhausts, Hoods, Livery, Spoilers, etc

How to get Pegassi Ignus:

  • Legendary Motorsport is selling it for $2,765,000.
  • Franklin Clinton’s inaccessible white and green Ignus with the custom plate “FRANKL1N” can occasionally be found parked outside 3671 Whispymound Drive.