Pegassi Osiris

Silver Pegassi Osiris GTA 5

The Pegassi Osiris is a supercar featured in GTA 5 and GTA Online as a part of the Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1 update.

The Pegassi Osiris is heavily based on the Pagani Huayra, and its front end resembles LaFerrari. It’s one of the 2 cars in the series to feature gull-wing doors, the other being the Stirling GT, which was released in the same update.

The car features the popular ‘Frog-Eye‘ headlights, and the hood has a similar approach to the Grotti Cheetah, having a ‘V’ Shape raised hood. The rear is disproportional to the main cab, as the cockpit is further towards the front than the back, showing the car has a powerfully large engine. The rear also features intakes on the sides, both on the top and on the skirts. When the player turns on the cars lights, it also illuminates the front Pegassi logo on the car. The same occurs with the Turismo R, Cheetah and the Lampadati Casco.

The rear lights and main spoiler design take heavy influence from the Pagani Zonda and Pagani Huayra, with the distinctively large humps on the rear with exhaust system built into the center. There also appears to be a center brake light under the wing mounts. The V necked window shares a similar design to the Grotti Turismo R, with the exception of a shorter window.

In GTA 5, this is the first Pegassi car to have no obvious Lamborghini design influence. The Pegassi Osiris shares the same engine layout, design and fuel-tank location as the Grotti Turismo R and Grotti Cheetah.

The Pegassi Osiris is impressive for a car of its class. The initial acceleration is slightly better than the Zentorno, thanks to the increased traction. This traction along with its AWD makes the car very smooth at taking turns, and rarely requires a drift to take a sharp corner. The Pegassi Osiris is also very impressive off-road, and it is able to compete with other off-road vehicles uphill given its AWD and high torque output. With off-road tires, it is very formidable. The Osiris is powered by a V12 engine, its top speed also slightly superior to the Zentorno, although the Adder is still the fastest supercar in top speed terms.

The Pegassi Osiris (along with the Pegassi Zentorno), does not have suspension upgrades available at Los Santos Customs. Despite this, the supercar remains very stable due to its low profile and width. The vehicle is also hybrid-electric and doesn’t suffer from speed loss when shifting gears, and has a 7-speed semi-auto transmission. The specifications shown on Legendary Motorsport are also very similar to the real life specifications of the Pagani Huayra. Braking is much better than other cars in the super car class.

Pegassi Osiris GTA 5 Front View
Pegassi Osiris GTA 5 Front View
Pegassi Osiris GTA 5 Rear View
Pegassi Osiris GTA 5 Rear View


GTA 5 Car: Pegassi Osiris Detailed Info, Stats, and Location

Car Price:


Top Speed:
370 km/h

Extra Mods:
Bumpers, Fenders, Skirts, Spoilers, Exhaust, Turbo

Copy of Real Life vehicle:
Pagani Huayra

Pegassi Osiris Location in GTA 5 and GTA Online:

  • Available in the player’s garage in single player (PS3/Xbox 360 only).
  • Can be purchased from for $1,950,000.
  • In GTA Online The Pegassi Osiris can be purchased from for $1,950,000.